Ophthalmology jobs and Optometrist job options

Are you an optometrist looking for new optometrist jobs or perhaps you are looking for a change of career instead? If so, we will be able to help.

Are you keen to use your skills as an optometrist, but would like more of a challenge and future career progression?
Outside of the NHS or Private Hospitals there are a whole range of alternative Ophthalmology careers for someone with a clinical eye care background, don’t think for one moment you are limited to the routine clinic environment for the rest of your career. Today in the UK there is an exceptionally high demand for clinically trained eye care professionals to join healthcare businesses, your skills and knowledge of optometry gives you a unique perspective that employers are looking for.

Have you ever considered becoming a Clinical Applications Specialist?
No, what are they? Applications Specialists are clinical experts that manufacturers employ to provide high calibre clinical training, education and support to end users of their systems or device.

What do they do on a day-to-day basis?
Being field based, these roles usually are asked to support the commercial team across a particular region of the UK or Europe, by highlighting the clinical benefits of the system or device they are demonstrating.

What makes a good Applications Specialist?
There are a number of things that employers look for, but primarily is a positive, driven attitude along with the desire to help surgeons by providing them with top-class training.

What would I get out of it?
With the current shortage for applications specialists you will be offered a highly competitive salary that is usually boosted with the addition of a bonus, private pension, private health cover, life assurance and a company car. Also, since these are field based roles you will be given the independence to plan your own diary and schedule your working week around your goals.