Ophthalmology Jobs

Ophthalmology Jobs
Ophthalmology Jobs

The healthcare division of Seltek Consultants is divided into ophthalmology jobs and medical imaging jobs. Kristina Wraight focuses specifically on the ophthalmology market at Seltek Kristina has a thorough understanding of the ophthalmology market and understands her clients’ requirements in detail. She works in partnership with manufacturers and distributors for the following ophthalmology job roles:

  • Account Manager (National and international)
  • Sales management
  • Distribution management
  • Clinical support/ Application specialists
  • Marketing
  • New Product development engineers
  • Field Service Engineers
  • Clinically trained commercial staff
  • Senior Management

We work across both the anterior and posterior market segments, for medical devices, surgical equipment and capital instrumentation. Our key clients are mainly SME who are looking to achieve positive change, growth and competitive advantage and start-ups who are keen to develop a strong presence across the UK and Europe. Kristina works with candidates across Europe who are looking to advance their careers in Ophthalmology. If you are clinically trained optometrist looking for a career change, or experienced individual in the eye care or ophthalmology field, we are interested to hear from you. All communications remain confidential, and we can provide a valuable insight into your career options